Roya Behrooznia

RPN, Medical Aesthetic , Yoga Therapist / Counsellor

Roya’s mission is to create a unique environment where men and women can enjoy a

full range oftherapeutic treatments. Regardless of strict dieting, rigorous exercise regimes,

and weight controlmethods, our bodies often don’t reflect how we feel.  

Excess fat, loose skin or disproportionate shapes,

often leave both men and women dissatisfied with the reflection they see in the mirror.  

However, optimal body contour can be achieved with

anti-injectble Botox, Derma filler, COOLSCULPTING Fat-freeze, and

non-surgical lift-up.   Results is a slimmer and firmer body ccreating patient satisfaction

and increased confidence.  It’s about selecting the right body enhancements for your goals.